The Dreams That Money Can Buy – One of my favorite movies ever!

As stated today’s post is about one of my favorite movies ever. Dadaist / Surrealist; such as Max Ernst and Man Ray, team up with Hans Ritcher, and made one of the trippiest / weirdest / and most surreal pieces of art movies I have ever seen in my life. (In 1947!)

The main character, “Joe”, needs a girlfriend, to get a girlfriend, Joe needs a Job, to get a job, Joe decides to, “sell dreams!”.

Here’s the catch, each dream is five minutesh video based on the works of a Surreal / DADA era artist! If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, Google the following awesomeness!

Man Ray
Marcel Duchamp
Max Ernst

Enjoy: “The Dreams That Money Can Buy”

Surrender: song lyrics (single out in October)

What If I just left this town?
Took my woman with me when there was no one around,
Dropped everything I thought I wanted to be,
Played guitar, made love, and finally learned
Just how to sing

Let’s get in your car
Drive some place
Real far
Let my mind figure itself out
I’m filled with all them fears
Filled with all them doubts

I Surrender

I know this too will pass
Them thoughts keep racing oh so fast
Instead of waiting til it’s done
I’m ready to start living
Start having fun

I surrender
Shot by Matthew James Alvarado with an Instax!

Across The River

Everything you’ve ever wanted
Is right across the river
Of a whole mess of things
You never wanted to think or feel

Keep your head up
And Walk Right Through it
Soon you will find
What is real

(I bet you it’s good)

-matthew alvarado


rock island, illinois 2016 shot by matthew alvarado

Silver Ball Fixation

The back box is lit
The plunger is drawn
A quick release
Everything is gone

It rolls and rolls
Left right
Up down
Back and forth
Out of the drain
How much was that last ramp worth?

The lights are flashing
Feel the reaction
You are now…

With a little more patience
You will beat that high score

Metallica Pinball

Shot with Olympus Epl-1, shot by Matthew James Alvarado of

Do you have OCD/Anxiety? Maybe these can help you : D

I’ve read before that all Artist have anxiety, and that in order to have OCD you have to be an intelligent and creative. If you are on this site I’m guessing you are some kind of Artist, or a lover of music, art, poetry, and everything else that is amazing in life! Being someone who has recovered from OCD myself, I want to share with you some of my favorite resources that helped me on the way. Mainly my 3 favorite YouTuber’s! (p.s. I’m not a doctor, just a designer, husband, musician, and artist who went through some dark night of the soul stuff.)
Mark Freeman
By far my favorite! Mark Freeman has conquered his OCD, by well, not trying to conquer OCD. His approach has a lot to do with acceptance, and mental fitness. He speaks in plain english, shares his horror and success stories, and my favorite: Exercises you can do on top of your therapy, that instead of avoiding all the the stuff you don’t like, you train your brain to focus on the building the life you want! Best explained by the man himself, check out his channel at the link below. Also, he just came out with a book entitled,The Mind Workout: Twenty steps to improve your mental health and take charge of your life, with 20 excercises to train your mind to accept uncertainty and whatever your brain is doing, while rocking what you’d rather be doing in life.

The OCD Stories.
This is a weekly podcast where Stuart Ralph interviews those who have recovered, experts, authors, and so many more. If you are in the thick of it, might want to save this for later, people sometimes share their symptoms which can be triggering. He is here to help, and his guest are amazing, I love his Podcast and listen to it weekly!

Ali GreymondAli Greymond sells books, and has a live podcast on how she recovered from OCD. I read her material at the beginning of my treatment. She has a lot of helpful techniques for breaking the cycle.

Some advice about the three above:
Mark Freeman’s channel and book are great resources for excercises and, direction on accepting the stuff in your head is meaningless, and how to let it be there while you build the life you want.

The OCD Stories is a great resource to hear what others who have conquered their anxiety, experts, and those working through it have to contribute. Also shows your brain you’re not crazy, even if you’re convinced you are! (totes been there)

Ali Greymond’s material helped me break the cycle in the beginning, the most important part, and goal of therapy is to lead the life you want, not battle anxiety symptoms forever. If you show your brain how happy your are when you conquer a symptom, your brain will take note and give you another symptom so you can conquer that one too and experience that happiness again. What we need to show our brains is how happy we are doing the things we love in spite of whatever the brain is doing when it’s “helping” us.

Special note: If you are in the thick of it, Googling everything is a totally common compulsion, don’t do it! If you need to get educated watch one of the channels above, not compulsively either, schedule time to learn, and stop at the end of that time. I am not a professional, if you need help please get one. It’s important to find one that says you can recover, my therapist was great, (I’m lucky and grateful), some aren’t familiar with OCD and you may need to find one who specializes in it. I wish you the best, anxiety is a normal human emotion that responds to coping, check, and controlling uncertainty. It does get better, and when, and only when you are not paying attention, it does go away ; )

Seafoam Galaxy

P.s. Love This Book!

Michael Wexler: The General Store – CD Design

CD400_out CDT100_outUD109CD400_in

ANTI FOLK FEST IV IS UPON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our favorite time of the year, Anti Folk / Folk Punk artist of Kansas City come together for a night of 25 minute sets back to back!!!!!!! Near all the people we love listening to, in one spot for one solid evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year it starts at 6pm at Madrigal in downtown KCMO! Here’s the face space link!anti_folk_fest_4Print

This Friday, Major Matt Mason, Folkicide, and Seafoam Galaxy at Records With Merritt!!!!

Been over a year since Major Matt and Folkicide played side by side. Seemed time to rectify the situation. Sea Foam Galaxy as a delightful bonus. Folk music done wrong (evil?) like this foul century demands.
Free Admission

Mati made a new E.P.

Get it for any price you want on BandCamp! Anseidad is Mati’s testament to his recovery from a bout of anxiety he experienced. These songs put how he felt into words and helped him process his emotions and experiences, he hopes they may help others who might feel the same. The T-Rex cover is a bonus, in his words: “Recovering from most things I’ve learned is about bringing your baggage with you while allowing your body and mind to heal itself. It’s about living with what you are experiencing while acting according to your morals and values, but mostly remembering to enjoy what you love during the process, and I love T-Rex! Funny when I realized I hadn’t listen to them for awhile.” If you feel the way I did, or the way way the songs sound, remember, it only gets better from here :)”

Show this Friday @ The Uptown Arts Bar! Seafoam Galaxy, Dave Duly, and HYDE PARK!

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 12.00.32 PM

The show at Records With Merritt w/ Joe MySide and Scott Devouton was a blast! Thank you to Marion Merritt for making it happen! It was awesome to have Joe MySide in town all the way form the Okies! Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 11.59.45 AM

This Friday Seafoam is hosting the party at The Uptown Arts Bar, we will be playing in between sets all night long as well as performing with Hyde Park!