ANTI FOLK FEST IV IS UPON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our favorite time of the year, Anti Folk / Folk Punk artist of Kansas City come together for a night of 25 minute sets back to back!!!!!!! Near all the people we love listening to, in one spot for one solid evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year it starts at 6pm at Madrigal in downtown KCMO! Here’s the face space link!anti_folk_fest_4Print

This Friday, Major Matt Mason, Folkicide, and Seafoam Galaxy at Records With Merritt!!!!

Been over a year since Major Matt and Folkicide played side by side. Seemed time to rectify the situation. Sea Foam Galaxy as a delightful bonus. Folk music done wrong (evil?) like this foul century demands.
Free Admission

Mati made a new E.P.

Get it for any price you want on BandCamp! Anseidad is Mati’s testament to his recovery from a bout of anxiety he experienced. These songs put how he felt into words and helped him process his emotions and experiences, he hopes they may help others who might feel the same. The T-Rex cover is a bonus, in his words: “Recovering from most things I’ve learned is about bringing your baggage with you while allowing your body and mind to heal itself. It’s about living with what you are experiencing while acting according to your morals and values, but mostly remembering to enjoy what you love during the process, and I love T-Rex! Funny when I realized I hadn’t listen to them for awhile.” If you feel the way I did, or the way way the songs sound, remember, it only gets better from here :)”

Show this Friday @ The Uptown Arts Bar! Seafoam Galaxy, Dave Duly, and HYDE PARK!

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 12.00.32 PM

The show at Records With Merritt w/ Joe MySide and Scott Devouton was a blast! Thank you to Marion Merritt for making it happen! It was awesome to have Joe MySide in town all the way form the Okies! Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 11.59.45 AM

This Friday Seafoam is hosting the party at The Uptown Arts Bar, we will be playing in between sets all night long as well as performing with Hyde Park!


Billy Beale Benefit at The Record Bar November 16th!

We are proud to be part of a benefit taking place at The Record Bar for our friend, and label mate, Billy Beale! The bad is Billy Beale was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, now the worse is over, but he stay can still benefit from any monetary donations available for medical payments. This is one of the first shows Billy Beale will be back performing live on, ending with a group jam!

Seafoam Galaxy
Billy Badass
Dr. Dave Duly
Freight Train Rabbit Killer
Jason Walstrom
John Paul Drum
Nate Cartwright


Saturday was AWESOME! / Merica Records Has A Web Page!

Seafoam Galaxy had the fun of playing 3 shows last Saturday. We started out opening Porch Fest in Kansas City, then Cassette Store Day at Records With Merritt in KC. Mr. and The Mrs, our homie Here’s To The Life!, Bible Study, Bike Power and more played! Here is a video of us:  Later that night, we headed over to St. Joseph and performed at The Rendezvous Bar, opening for Broken Avenue, who’s Pop Punk Killed It!

Other awesome news, check out our shiny and new Website for Merica Records! 


Porch Fest in KC:
11:00am til Noon at 3712 Washington Street

Cassette Store Day at Records with Merritt with Here’s To The Life, Mr. and the mrs., Bike Power and more

And Then with Broken Avenue at The Rendezvous Bar in St. Joeseph, MO!Broken Avenue & Seafoam Galaxy


ps: Will will have the following releases for us at the Merica Records tabel at Cassette Store Day:
Tazer Tot: Born In Outer Space
Nate Cartwright: 7 Year Hangover
Faint Glow: Unrequited Carrier Wave
Seafoam Galaxy: Americans Dreaming
Captain Chaos: Shadows of Order
Since Nulius: Hell De’Mos
Here’s To The Life and Friends: I Was Punk Rock Once Volume 2
Cox John: The Devil Ain’t Done Yet
Dave Duly: Sky High

pps. The Robbers Roost show last Monday with Lazy Ol’ Bitch Was awesome!



This Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liove at The Uptown Arts Bar in KCMO!!!!!!


Cassette Store Day Is Coming Up Fast!


Seafoam Galaxy and our label homie Here’s To The Life are performing at this event! So is one of Mati Mat’s favorite groups Mr. and The Mrs.!!!!!!!!

Three local Cassette tape labels showing you what they have to offer!!! there will be two bands from each label playing live along with an official cassette store day release from Mr. and the Mrs.! we will also have cassette tapes for days from each label bring your walkmans! we will have a few listening stations for cassettes! as well as a complete dj set of cassettes in between bands! come out and enjoy the festivites for cassette store day 2016!


Got Some New Tunes For You!

Saw The Light!

We love Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie! What could be a better way to show our love than record our own versions of some of their favorite songs and share them with you? That’s just what we did! Boom!