HTML most used tags (great for wordpress users)

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What up! This is Matt, I’m learning to code with the help of Code Academy

I’m leaving this list here for future reference, and anyone else who maybe interested in learning to code!

  1. Headings and sub-headings, <h1> to <h6> tags, are used to enlarge text.
  2. <p><span> and <div> tags specify text or blocks.
  3. The <em> and <strong> tags are used to emphasize text.
  4. Line breaks are created with the <br> tag.
  5. Ordered lists (<ol>) are numbered and unordered lists (<ul>) are bulleted.
  6. Images (<img>) and videos (<video>) can be added by linking to an existing source.
  7. Anchor tags (<a>) are used to link to internal pages, external pages or content on the same page.
  8. You can create sections on a webpage and jump to them using <a> tags and addings ids to the elements you wish to jump to.
  9. The nav element contains links to internal pages or content.

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