My Name is Matthew Alvarado. Seafoam Galaxy was the name of a folk duo and and my wife used to do / may do again someday.

This blog however is mostly the open diary of myself. Here you will find Poetry, Design Projects, Music, Photography, News Articles, Diary entries and moreĀ from myself. Also, random stuff from the internet that I want to save. It may not make a lot of sense as a whole, but that’s okay ; )

Who is this guy that you are reading about? Just a musician/artist/man who loves his wife, life, friends, family and God. Doing his best at navigating life and expressing his creativity. (ps. I plan on quitting smoking soon, as cool as they look, cigarettes suck, if you haven’t started, I don’t recommend it).

Feel free to drop me a line at matimat2010@gmail.com

Photo by Harish Anderson, Thanks Brother!