(Best Album Ever!) Built To Spill – There’s Nothing Wrong With Love

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The second full length album from Built To Spill, this album holds a special place in my heart.

I was somewhere between the ages of 19-23, an amazingly fun time in my life that blends into one long year in my mind. I remember running into my friend Lisa Grandfield at one of the bars in Warrensburg, (they were all pretty much on Pine Street). Turns out she was with her sister Carmen, and her brother Rocky. The Grandfields are so cool I was friends with all of them, they pretty much rule.

1:15 a.m. hits and it’s time the bars close, and there’s a saying everyone in Warrensburg would say at this time back then, “Where’s the party?”. Turns out it was at the Grandfields! Not the craziest party if you think that’s where this is going, sorry to let you down. But I loved these people / hadn’t seen them forever, and we were getting swazted, like the kind of wasted you can only love when you’re young. I don’t remember if it was Lisa or Carmen, but one of them put this album on. MY MIND WAS BLOWN

I can’t explain it, but at that moment in time I had never heard anything like this. On the outside, it may seem like Built To Spill is another 90’s underground band. But I challenge you, really listen to this thing. The lyrics are  amazing, the guitars are doing some epic stuff, there’s keyboards, cellos, and I just can’t explain it, like most things, it just needs to be experienced.

Don’t believe me? Check out these two tracks below, totally different from each other, and absolutely awesome.

As an album, it just keeps changing and morphing into this perfection of separate sounding cuts that all belong with each other.

Now this is what’s awesome about this story, I woke up the very next day, totally destroyed, instead of getting some water, eating, you know, the routine to feel human again. I went to Hastings and bought this album. It had such an impact, I spent the whole hour or so this was playing just sitting on their couch having my mind blown at every single thing on this record.

So I got home with my new album, played it immediately, and to my surprise I did not, and could not get into it?!?!? I’m guessing it was the hangover, I tossed it somewhere in my room and months rolled by.

One day I was telling one of my friends the story on how amazing I thought this album was / bought it the next day and hadn’t listened to it since. Out of curiosity we put it on and, BOOM! Once again I was in love with Built To Spill.

Not sure if any of the above makes much since, you should have been there 😉
But to this day, over a decade later, Built To Spill’s, “There’s Nothing Wrong With Love”, is one of my BEST ALBUMS EVER.

-Seafoam Galaxy

Favorite Tracks: Car, Fling, and Some

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