Mati needs a joby-job!

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I believe in the power of positive thinking, but it is also healthy to get mad!

What am I mad about?? My life is amazing, my wife rules, I am fortunate to share my passions and dreams with so many awesome people. So what’s my problem?!?!!??!

In the words of the Replacements: I Need a God @#$! Job!

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have the life I have, and live the life I live, I am well versed and knowing the world owes no one anything. If you want something you have to make it happen.

Currently, my friend Tony Occhipinti is about to drop an album I play on 1/2 of the tracks. My band: Here’s To the Life!, is wrapping up our new album, and we will be on two radio stations in April, plus shooting a video. I have a collection of demos ready to be turned into songs and released on a label I started with my friends called Merica Records. Recently I just wrapped up editing a video for life long friend and mentor Billy Beale, and The Seed To Story Podcast is getting ready to shoot our third episode.

I am very conscious of everything I am involved in is awesome, and exactly where I want to be, except one problem:


Currenntly I am a server at ——– , and it’s the day job to keep me afloat while pursuing what hopefully will turn my passions into raising a family someday. Nothing is wrong with the serving job, but the problem with serving jobs, much like freelancing is that money comes like /\ and then \/. Frankly, to be honest, I am tired of it. I hustle for my dreams, and I don’t know if that is something I could stop if I wanted, (why would I?). I’m done hustling for my bills.

Mati Mat needs to take care of his level one of the hierarchy of needs to free his mind. I am looking for a non service industry job for the first time and it’s fucking annoying. Every job post is another account that needs to be created, with the same exact information as the last one, and more junk mail because of it, (If you ant to sell cell phones join Monster, they will e-mail you the chance every morning). There’s even scams on Zip Recruiter that read, “Brand Manager”, which means, “Sell Direct TV at a table in Wal-Mart”.

Why can’t you just talk in interviews like a normal person?

Interviewer: “Tell me of a time you had a conflict and how you resolved it.”

Me: “Like a god damn adult?!, I asked what I could do to help, if that didn’t work I went back to work — what else do people do?”

I’m starting to think the words, “You might be over qualified”, is really code for, “I’m just no that into you”.

I have faith, and believe God’s got this, there’s no way I am going to be serving tables forever unless I decide I want to. The job will come, I’m taking JavaScript classes to up my skill set and can WordPress, HTMl, CSS, BootStrap, Adobe CSS, and produce Audio / Video my brains out all day.

If you know anyone: what I want is pretty simple:

A living wage + Monday – Friday Schedule, 8 hours somewhere between 7am – 5pm + holidays off
What do I want to do? Something with music, design, video, audio, art, or anything that respects the above.
I’m ready to go stack boxes if it means benefits, steady hours, room for growth, A STEADY PAYCHECK, and holidays off.

It’s not that hard, (as I’m bitching about it right?! haha)
Impatience is definitely on my compulsion hierarchy, so this is a great opportunity to practice.

I have this problem of not being able to create as easily and oftenly when my job/bill situation isn’t steady.
Send your prayers and cross your fingers / I won’t let the job hold me down / it’s time to learn new skills, meet new people and explore other opportunities.

Right now though,
I’m closing this way tooo many hour long computer sesh down, and playing my guitar for the first time today – 10pm

Mati Mat signing off

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