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So lately I’ve been recouping my lost love of 1980’s metal. Why? Who the heck knows, but it’s fun. It may have started with the Metallica pinball machine up Up/Down arcade — or an internet rabbit hole about Eddie Van Halen guitar style. 

Either way in the past few weeks I’ve been listening to loads of Metallica. I remember being way “too cool” after they came out with the “Load”album back in the day. Maybe it’s because I’m middle aged now, but it’s a pretty good album!

It’s pretty cool when you let go of your preconceived judgements and give something a fair listen, how many awesome things there are in the world you might have turned down when you were younger. (Seriously, hate em if you want, but guitar work is sick!)

Other items in my metal fest currently include:

Van Halen One , Holy Diver on Nes, Ozzy – all the Ozzy, Dio, Dragon Force, Rocktron Metal Planet distortion pedal, and a strong desire to buy an Ibanez Electric!

Rock On


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