There’s Always A Train Somewhere In The Background Of This City

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There’s alway a train somewhere in the background of this city
Sometimes all the seasons are shown before the day is over
Working hard to get out of work some day…
How does a part time job consume so much time?

I want to hike
Have one more hour of today
When I was working on achieving my dreams,
I forgot to look up and it slipped away

So many questions and possibilities
I wasted time wonder
With nothing to show but a brand new skill
The warm embrace of uncertainity

So tonight I’ll sleep
Maybe early,
At least earlier than I’d usually be

One thing I’ve learned about living,
There’s even less time
The more you scramble and climb

Stretch your arms and say, “Whew”
Heinlen’s Science Fiction and my warm bed,
Sound just about right.

I may not have,
Might not ever,
Get done all I want in a day,
But the sooner I sleep,
The sooner I wake!

The sooner I wake!

-Matt Alvarado
-Seafoam Galaxy

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