What ever happened to rock stars?

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Ted Nugent
Joe Walsh
Johnny Thunders
Phil Lynott
Dwayne Allman
Chuck Berry
Keith Richards
David Bowie
Lou Reed
Iggy Pop
Otis Redding
Kurt Cobain
Freddy Mercury.....

The list goes on and on, and what do these folks have in common?
When I was a kid, these people where larger than life. Maybe mistakenly so, Idols!
These people are rock stars. Most of them weren't super political outside of speaking their own beliefs, these people didn't chase trends, they made them. The product of thousands and thousands of hours of hard work, practice, and determination.

Where are they now?!?! The talent still exist, thirty seconds into a Gary Clark Junior album and you hear it. Why isn't he marketed at the fore front of the mainstream? Why doesn't our culture reward these people the same way we reward the constant coverage of what Jay-Z and Any Schumer are doing, does anyone care?

There are a huge list of immoral people in the history of rock. The difference of then and now though, is when I was a kid, those where whispers, not what our culture celebrated. Rock stars, when I was younger, where hard working people who created something original, that reached many people, and their work was paid off. We knew they parted, but their art, talent, and work is what we celebrated in the main stream. In in a lot of case like David Bowie, they cleaned up, and their career soared, (if they didn't die to young).

Why am I bringing that up? Because when I listen to the radio, I don't hear rock stars in the main stream. I hear dance tracks about memes, drugs, and all sorts of easy to write about, attention grabbing choruses that all fizzle in a few months, if not weeks. If it's not political, or promoting destroying your mind and body, it doesn't chart. The tracks that do chart? Name five you care about within the last year without googling it.

Have you heard mumble rap? How does that exist? Could that exist without drugs?

When I was a kid, Van Halen, Guns and Roses, Whitney Houston, and Foreigner would all be on the same Billboard Top 40 as the Talking Heads and Michael Jackson. As I write this, see what's on the billboard this week: https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100
Name one rock star you see, one guy with a guitar that the mainstream promotes a decent role model?

I'm not saying that these people were great role models, but what we promoted when I was a kid was their best qualities, universal songs about love, god, patriotism, hope, youth, and what do we promote now aside from banging everyone you see and drugs?

Where is the hard worker with a guitar who earned his spot in the sun? Why isn't Gary Clark Junior number one constantly, is anyone better than Brad Paisley, is John Mayer the closest thing we have to Clapton? Don't get me wrong, they're are amazing pickers and singers, but without googling it, they are all I can name from the last decade.

Where are our Rock Stars today?
Maybe I'm just getting older.

1983 was a great year to be born.

Either way, do yourself a favor and check out this video of  The Nuge blasting through Wango Tango.

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